Homesickness is killing me.

I feel like a prisoner.

Away from everything familiar that I love.

Away from family.

Away from friends.

Away from all my positives except one: my youngest son.

My youngest son is homesick too but nobody cares.

They want me to die where I don’t belong.

Forcing me to stay living  where I don’t belong.

Big cities I can’t stand.

Too much crime every day.

Sirens galore.

Very few places to walk to.

Original positives came up with up there I found false in regards to moving.

I and my son belong where my family is where there is less crime and more to be able to walk to.

It feels like I am being told fuck you and I don’t care about you.

I only care about myself without even truly saying it.

I and my son belong where we belong and that’s it!

Small town is the life for me and my son.

We were both doing better there than we are here!






Gay. Lesbian. Bi. Why do some of you still spit in our eye? We have a right to be happy too. We love just like you.  It doesn’t matter who we love.  We need the human connection as  well. We are not throw aways. We deserve respect just like you. Why do you seem to hate us? Why can’t you understand, we are all a part of the human race? Why can’t you just let us be? Why can’t you let us be free? We have the same human rights as you. Enough of putting us through hell. We want to be treated well too. We were born this way.

Silenced Screams by: Marianne Sue Peterson


Silenced screams going through my head.

Silenced screams of my pain.

Silenced screams of others too.

Silenced screams that were never heard.

Silenced screams of all kinds of victims.

Silenced screams from all walks of life.

Never heeded screams.

More silenced screams are to come if justice isn’t done.

More statistics to come in many different ways.

If the screams aren’t heeded justice will never come.

There are too many silenced screams!

Stop silencing the screams!

Heed the screams instead!

My newest YouTube video I published today


I just published my newest video I put on YouTube which is another one of my songs. It’s my newest one. I called it It’s Time To Take Them Down. It is one of my advocacy songs and I wrote it for all of the good parents who have been affected by CPS (Child Protective Services) which includes me and thousands of others. It is my way of helping get even my voice out there added to theirs to get the truth out there of how crooked and criminal they actually are. It’s also my way of warning others who may be their next targets. Some of us advocates for children have been murdered because we are trying to uncover the corruption of CPS and the court system which includes judges, lawyers, Prosecutors, the CPS workers and even police officers who are crooked and are helping kidnap these children and helping with the trafficking of those children for money. They get bonuses for every child they take even from good families and these crooked people will do anything to get those bonuses including lying, cheating, destroying evidence, intimidating their victims even go the length of murdering us advocates regardless of if they do it themselves or even hire somebody to do it for them. The truth is though they can’t silence thousands upon thousands of us: that would be looked upon as very strange if that many of us died at once and we will get them to see we are not all so easy targets and a lot of us are wiser and stronger than they seem to think and we will win state by state and country by country in our fight. WE WILL NOT LAY DOWN AND DIE even though they would love it if all of us gave up our fight but that is just not going to happen regardless of how they threaten or do anything else to make us stop because we will not stop our fight period! They can try to stop us all they want but they will not succeed! OUR NUMBERS ARE TOO MANY! I would recommend for everybody who is an advocate or who have been affected by CPS or who could be CPS’s next targets to check out my newest video on YouTube. FIGHT ON and ROCK ON!



This is my newest poem. It is basically asking why things happen and why some people act terrible towards another constantly.


Why do some people decide they will only love another at their own convenience?

Why do a lot of people think that you have to be perfect to be loved?

Why do some people treat others like slaves?

Why do some people want to treat others like garbage?

Why do bad people seem to get away with everything?

Why are emotionally troubled people treated like criminals?

Why are good people hurt most often in the legal system?

Why do a lot of guys seem to want to purposely hurt women?

I don’t like how some people act.

I don’t like it and that’s a fact.



I wrote this poem in 2013 when I was having a rough time of it.

ANXIETY’S WINGS  written by: Marianne Sue Peterson

Riding on anxiety’s wings.

Anxious about many things.

Anxious about the past.

Anxious about the present.

Anxious about the future.

Not knowing what will happen is bugging me.

Trying to forget is hard for me.

Trying to remember the positive isn’t effective enough.

Anxiety is part of me.

Anxiety isn’t the whole me.

I will always worry about things.

It’s part of being human.

Trust issues will not end completely.

Too much has happened to me and to the ones I love.

All I can do is take the bull by its horns, so to speak, and do the best I can.

All I can do is hold on even when my patience has been worn thin many times over.

I’m more of a fighter.

I’m not one to retreat.

I need to let myself be me.

The wings of anxiety can free me or keep me trapped.

I’d rather be free.

Note: This is one of the poems in my second poem book “My Life In Poetry’s Song” . I decided to share it and hope that it can help someone else out there who is having a rough time of it.

My newest song I am working on


I started writing a new song today early in the morning. I am hoping to get it finished by the end of this upcoming week. Once it is finished I will be making a music video of it  and uploading it to YouTube. I decided to use the title of She’s Just A Lost Little Girl for the song as the working title. I may keep the title or I may shorten the title of it. When I upload it to YouTube I will be posting it on my performing blog probably instead of this one.